News from Russ:
Russ will receive the "Man of Courage" award at Agapefest! From Russ, "Sometimes I don't feel too courageous but I am grateful that the Lord has sent so many friends to love and encourage me. " Click here for a larger view of the award.
Man of Courage - Agapefest

Agapefest 2014 Winners

"I just found out that I have been truly blessed to have been nominated for the following 2014 Inspirational Country Music Awards including: Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist, Songwriter, Music Evangelist and 2 Songs of the Year, 'The Rock on Which I Stand" (sung my Steve Richard and Laura Dodd) and "Stand Up For Jesus," co-written with Robert Jason. (Robert wrote "She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl" for Alabama.)
It sounds cliche but I am so honored to even be mentioned in the same breath with some of the most talented and Godly artists I've ever known. I know their hearts and I join them in saying,"It's not about me; it's all about Jesus."

The Love of Russ's life, Saralyn, passed away
June 16,2014, suddenly.
Our heart filled prayers are with Russ and his family.

Russ's song "The Rock On Which I Stand," has just gone to #1 on the Power Source charts. The song was performed with tremendous energy by Steve Richard and Laura Dodd.

Two of Russ's songs are in the Top Ten on the Power Source Music Charts!
From Russ:"My latest release, "Stand Up For Jesus," (co-written with Robert Jason) is #3 and "The Rock On Which I Stand," performed so well by Steve Richard and Laura Dodd, is #9. This is the first time I've ever had 2 songs in the Top Ten at the same time. Before we moved to Nashville I believed The Lord had some incredible days ahead for us but I never imagined this would happen!"

March 8th, Russ will be singing in the same program with country music stars Aaron Tippin and Rachel Holder along with guest speaker Marcus Luttrel, author of the book Lone Survivor, which is the current #1 movie in the nation. This will be at the Ft Worth at the Circle of Champions Marriot.

March 11-12th - Russ sang at the grand opening of the Kentucky Veterans Hall of Fame in Frankfurt, KY.

March 27th - Russ ssng at Trinity Schools in Lubbock, Texas fundraiser along with President George W. Bush as guest speaker.

Russ won the 2013 Inspirational Country Music Evangelist Award on awards show in Nashville, TN.

Russ releases his new CD, Unknown Soldiers.
Click here to check it out online.

At the 2012 ICM Awards show, Russ Murphy was awarded the 2012 ICM Song of the Year for his song, "Jesus is Enough".
Russ wrote the song for his sister, Pat, who passed away 7 years ago.
It was just an incredible evening.

Russ has made the Final 5 nominations for the upcoming ICM Awards for Song of the Year
("Jesus is Enough") Songwriter, Male Vocalist and Music Evangelist. Winners will be announced on the ICM Awards Show on Thursday, October 18th from the Nashville Symphony Hall. The show will be aired all across the world. Register as a Fan Member at Power Source Magazine to vote.

Russ's song, "I Believe in Jesus Christ" just went to #1 on Power Source's Inspirational Country chart!! Congratulatons Russ !! (click for chart)

Russ just received word that he has been nominated for the 2012 ICM Awards for Songwriter, Music Evangelist, Male Vocalist and Musician of the Year. Also, "Jesus is Enough," has also been nominated for the 2012 ICM Song of the Year. The winners will be announced at the 2012 ICM Awards Show on Thursday, October 18th in Nashville.

Russ's song, "Jesus is Enough," just won the Agape Fest 2012 Song of the Year Award. Amazing!

Memorial Day 2012 - Russ performs at the
USAA Memorial Day Service.

From the USAA Service:
Click to view "That's What Freedom Costs"
Click to view the entire USAA Memorial Day Service

April 2012 - Russ's current single release,
"I Believe in Jesus Christ," just went to #1 on the Christian Music weekly charts.

"Jesus Is Enough," has just gone to #1 on the God's Country charts!

October 2011 - ICM Awards
Russ was chosen as the Songwriter of the Year!   Congratulations Russ !!

"That's What Freedom Costs,"
written by Russ Murphy and David Spears, has just gone to #1 on the Inspirational Country Music Charts.
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